Friday, October 18, 2013

Endorsed by Skyridge Middle School PTO Vice President: Lori Tunstall

Thank you to Skyridge Middle School PTO VP, Lori Tunstall who has written an endorsement that will run in our local Camas-Washougal Post Record on Tuesday (10.22) & The Columbian.

I would like encourage Camas residents to vote for Erika Cox for the Camas School Board.
From classroom volunteer, to executive board member in PTA and PTO, to PTA President, and current Chairwoman for the district’s Citizens Advisory Committee, Erika has worked on behalf of the students, families, teachers and staff in the Camas School District.   

What excites me most about Erika is that she is not satisfied to simply be a member of an organization or committee.  Instead, she fully engages in the organization and participates in getting things done.  On the Skyridge PTO, Erika began helping with staff appreciation events as soon as her daughter entered 6th grade.  Now, she actively leads the staff appreciation team and also manages Social Media for the PTO as she believes that communication with parents is essential.  And that is just one organization – add to that elementary school committees and non-profit boards and you get the picture of a person that enthusiastically dedicates her time to making things better. 

Erika’s background in hi-tech public relations and her leadership in a national non-profit provide her with the skill set and conviction to serve Camas families with integrity, determination and dedication. Erika’s tireless energy and passion for education provide her with the ability to seek viable alternatives to future challenges.  Please join me in voting for Erika Cox for the Camas School Board.

Lori Tunstall, Skyridge PTO Vice President

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