Friday, October 18, 2013

Endorsed by Camas School Board President: Connie Hennessey

Thank you to current Camas School Board President, Connie Hennessey who has written an endorsement that will run in our local Camas-Washougal Post Record on Tuesday (10.22) & The Columbian.

Two parents, both respected, both wanting to serve their community by being on the school board for the next four years and both deserving.

Erika Cox, has been in the community 8 years and in every year has volunteered for field trips, classroom helper, PTA/PTO member and president. For the past two years Erika has judged senior projects at the high school,  while being Citizens Advisory Committee to the school board & now in her 3rd year, serves as Chairwoman.

Because of her enthusiastic, caring personality and participation in PTA/PTO she has developed good communication and relationships district wide taking the initiative to reach out to staff, parents, community members, city and state government officials. Erika is highly respected for her tireless volunteer work, her intelligence and leadership. She is very skilled at asking probing questions and is not afraid to make tough decisions, values highly desirable for an effective board member.

She is a wonderful ambassador advocating for great public education for not only her children but great schools and successful experiences for all children. It is only logical that she continue her involvement and participation in the school district as a board member. I would be honored to have her as a fellow board member and that is why I am endorsing Erika Cox for Camas School Board.

Connie Hennessey
Camas School Board President

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