Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week in Review 6.16-22, 6.23-29

From now until election day on November 5th, I will be meeting people in the district & attending events that will allow me to dive into being a school board director with the knowledge & information needed to immediately get to business.

Week June 16-June 22 (21 weeks till the election)

Met with:

Camas Mayor Scott Higgins
Mayor Higgins was so gracious with his time of managing our wonderful city to share with me the the priorities he hears from Camas citizens.  Out of a town of 20K, half of that are children birth to 18.  People come here for the schools, like we did, so the involvement & awareness is high.  Mayor Higgins talked growth with me and how he's watched our town grow, as a native who went away for college & came back to raise his children.  He's a forward thinker and works closely with our Board & Superintendent to look ahead and think about growth & schools for Camas families.

CSD Business Services Director, Donna Gregg
Donna is such a finance superstar that she made time to give me the broad overview of what the budget COULD look like, BEFORE the state legislature passed the budget.  She was busy working on the many 'what if's' before the actual budget squeaked by before the date of government shut down.  Now that I understand the broad brushstrokes of the budget, I am betting that the details will be shared with the Board on the July 29th (@530 PM at JDZ) at their scheduled board meeting.

Week June 23-June 29


- School Board Meeting

Team Mean Machine, the First Robotics Competition team (made up of students from CHS, WHS, HFHS, & Hockinson came to show their 1st place robot that shot frisbees into a net, spot on every time! It was amazing to hear these kids talk about how they worked together and with other teams to accomplish their 1st place award.
Follow them on Twitter @MeanMachine2471
Other topics discussed were the purchase of 5 new replacement busses 
(did you know they recycle old busses, gut them & use them for grounds & maintenance?), 
approval of School Data Soluntions (a way to look at data on each child, extracting from 
Skyward & tests), AIMSweb renewal, approval of the Armory Gym Roof replacement.

H-RoC Political Action Committee meet & greet.  

This is a group that is engaging & connecting women throughout the community, providing support for women in political & civic roles.  I was able to meet their board of directors along with fellow candidates, in a relaxed meet & greet setting at The Grant House.  What an inspirational group of leaders in one place, which also highlighted what a small world it is having 1st & 2nd hand connections with several of them!  It was a fun evening!

Met with:

- CSD Human Resources Director, Rita Pakenen
Thank you to Rita who shared with me the five unions that make up our school district, their leaders & how often she negotiates contracts with them.  We also discussed details in hiring & retaining quality personnel. 

Hayes Freedom High School principal, Amy Holmes

There is a teacher for every student and a learning environment for every student.  Hayes Freedom is the epitome of that opportunity.  Hayes Freedom HS is the choice HS for students out of middle school and can attend all 4 years or part of their years.  They are a small school built on a a true block schedule, have fewer teachers & the ability to have narrower transitions within the day.  Whatever your child's learning style is, they have a choice in HS between CHS & HFHS. Meeting with Amy was a true highlight of my week because understanding this choice that our students have in the CSD is so exciting and I believe, not fully understood in the community.  I hope that a senior will take this challenge of HFHS needing some good public relations & tackle a movie and some 30 second PSA spots about HFHS to share at the elementary level news, middle school news & with the community!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week in Review 6.2-8 & 6.9-15

From now until election day on November 5th, I will be meeting people in the district & attending events that will allow me to dive into being a school board director with the knowledge & information needed to immediately get to business.
Week June 2 - June 8 (23 weeks till the election)
-  Washington State School Directors Association Candidate workshop, in Kelso.   This meeting highlighted the responsibilities School Board members have in governing their school district, the law, scenarios & educational resources for members.

- 3 days of Camas High School Senior presentations + 2 days of Hayes Freedom HS Senior Presentations.  This is my 2nd year volunteering for this event & it didn't disappoint.  The class of 2013 put their hearts into their Senior projects this year & I was happy that both my parents (retired educators) were able to volunteer to hear them too.  The senior class inspired me with their volunteerism & passion & they will go on to do great things because of their experiences in these projects.

Week June 9 - June 15 (22 weeks till the election)


- School Board Meeting.  Highlight was hearing Deputy Superintendent Jeff Snell synopsis this year's progress of the pilot program TPEP (Washington State Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project).  Thanks to those who have spent HOURS to test drive what works/what doesn't for a 2013-2014 implementation in the Camas School District.  Select teachers & administrators volunteered to dive into the program early and will be leaders to their peers in the Camas School District (as well as the state) as the roll out happens in the next year.  
    For background: The Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot was born from the 2010 Washington state legislative session. The evaluation provisions are a part of a larger reform effort made during Washington’s Race to the Top application. It altered the way teachers & administrators are professionally evaluated from a two-tiered system of unsatisfactory to a four-tiered system. In addition to moving to a four-tiered system, the legislation created eight new criteria for teachers and principals to be evaluated upon, with common themes tying the criteria for teachers and principals together. Camas volunteered to start piloting the project 3 years ago before it was mandated across the state & refining it more each year in order for all involved to understand, collaborate & incorporate into daily work.
For more info:

- Campaign Training Program put on by the Clark County Association of Realtors.  Valuable information on how to let people know about my passion to be a school board member, attaining their support & vote on election day.  Thank you CCAR!

Ellie, Charlotte & Emma in their 5th kids triathlon
- The 12th Annual Hayhurst Kids Triathlon benefiting CARRAThe Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) is a North American organization of more than 380 pediatric rheumatologists and researchers who are working together to find treatments for juvenile arthritis and other diseases of the joints, muscles, and bones in children.  The mission of the alliance is to prevent, treat, and cure rheumatic diseases in children and adolescents through fostering, facilitating, and conducting high-quality research.  This event is put on a by an AMAZING Beaverton School District teacher who is passionate about kids moving & educating the community on rheumatic diseases in children: Mr. Jim Hayhurst!